Robert-Sandell: Controlling the openness - how to get your will done

Robert Sandell, CloudBees on Controlling the openness - how to get your will done 

Open communities are governed by other types and schemes than traditional corporations and projects. Instead of getting impact through ownership, formal power and cash payments, credibility and informal power rule. Illustrated by examples from the Jenkins community, Robert Sandell describes how a proprietary company can get software developed by others, without paying money. However, it does not come for free. You have to invest in the community to get the credibility that allows you to get your things done.

Bio: Robert is a Software Engineer at CloudBees Inc., developing Jenkins. He has been a Jenkins community member since 2010 as a maintainer of several plugins and infrequent core committer. 

Before joining CloudBees Robert developed and maintained the Jenkins installations at Sony Mobile while also driving their Jenkins community engagement.

And on occasion he's known to enjoy a fine Calvados.

Sidansvarig: | 2015-11-06