LUCAS-dagen October 1th, 2013

The Cloud Comes Closer – Clearing the Mist

Cloud computing, Internet of Things – buzzwords which we have heard for long now. Cloud computing is already a practice, and embryos of IoT also exist. But how do they scale, and how do they interplay? The theme of the LUCAS-dag 2013 is on how the cloud comes closer – call it mist if you like – when the flexibility and capacity offered by cloud technologies are combined with the locality of IoT technologies. We bring together a set of industry speakers to talk about their challenges and practices and present ongoing and future research in applied software at Lund University.

Invited speakers

Anders Samuelson, Director Project Office, QlikTech International AB

Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Group Function Technology at Ericsson and member of Lund University board

LUCAS-dagen - Program

09.00 Registration, demos, posters and coffee

10.00 Introduction (Boris Magnusson)

10.05 Guest talk: Scaling up development - experiences from QlikView [prezi presentation]

  • Anders Samuelson, Director Project Office, QlikTech International AB:
    [abstract & biography ] [corporate web
11.00 Coffee, demos, posters


11.30 Industry-Academia research presentations:

  • Boris Magnusson (professor at department of computer science, Lund University): itACiH findings and agenda [itACiH project web[ presentation]
  • Bengt-Arne Molin (Sony Mobile): The agenda for MAPCI - the Mobile and Pervasive and Computing Institute at Lund University [ presentation]

12.20 Lunch at Kårhuset, LTH

13.20  Industry-Academia research presentations

14.00 Introductions to demo and poster session [ presentation]

  • WozARd: A Wizard of Oz tool for mobile AR  (Günter Alce)
  • itACiH demo and poster (Boris Magnusson)
  • Configuration in the mist - ENGROSS and Mobile Robotics (Linus ÅKesson) 
  • Cloud based Semantic processing of text: Tools and applications  (Pierre Nugues/Peter Exner) 
  • Programming robots with natural language via cloud computations  (Maj Stenmark) 
  • Realtime Networking under the mist (Klas Nilsson)
  • Network Analysis and Visualization of the Android Committers' Networks  (Alma Orucevic-Alagic)
  • Cloud based mobile manipulation - research topics in a factory context  (Jacek Malec/Klas Nilsson)
  • Proximates – Mining pervasive social context from mobile phone data   (Håkan Jonsson)
  • The Role of Configuration Management in Outsourcing and Distributed Development (Lars Bendix, LU & Christian Pendleton, Softhouse)
  • Some like it hot - how to keep the pot boiling via IoT  (Björn A Johnsson)
  • Introducing Service-level Awareness in Clouds   (Karl-Erik Årzén)
  • The JastAdd Ecosystem  (Görel Hedin, Emma Söderberg, Niklas Fors, Jesper Öqvist)
  • 5 first years of EASE - 2008-2012  (Per Runeson)

14.40 Demo and poster session, coffee

15.20 Guest talk: Cloud, transforming future networks

  • Ulf EwaldssonSenior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Group Function Technology, Ericsson [corporate web] & LU styrelse [abtract & biography]

16.10 Panel discussion on concepts in the cloud

  • Panel Chair: Björn Ekelund, Ericsson
  • Panelists


16.55 Conference closing

19.00 Refreshments, sandwichesdemo and poster session continues



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