Recordings from LUCAS-dagen October 24th, 2012

Recordings from LUCAS-dagen 2012

  • Dr. Darja Smite, Blekinge Institute of Technology: 
    Lessons learned from terminated outsourcing collaborations 
     Recording (mov)

  • Professor Michel Chaudron, Chalmers: 
    The role of architectures in outsourcing 
     Recording (mov)

  • Anders Gustavsson, Vice President Sales at Tieto: 
    How to succeed with outsourcing
     Recording (mov)

  • Görel Hedin
    Domain Specific Languages
     Recording (mov)
  • Per Runeson
    Aligning Requirements and Verification, EASE tema D
     Recording (mov)

  • Sten Minör
    Scalare project proposal
     Recording (mov)
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