PalCom for Dummies: Presentation and demos from PalCom research

When: 2012-10-24 at 15:30-17:00

Presenters: Boris Magnusson, Björn A Johnsson

Where: E:1408

This tutorial/demo will show how the Palcom middleware can be used to build distributed applications involving sensors, actuators and computation. We have chosen to control a water boiler as our "hello world" example which allows us to make use of Tellstick controlled power outlets and 1-wire sensors. An Android smartphone will be used to control the boiler remotely.

Participants are invited to play with the equipment and it is prepared for an exercise where the boiler is triggered by an alarm clock. In the process you will get the Palcom system installed on your computer.


Sidansvarig: | 2015-11-06