LUCAS-dagen October 24th, 2012

The objective of the annual LUCAS-day is to inspire and develop collaboration between industry and academia in the field of applied software research. LUCAS and Sigrun invites you to a full day of inspiring seminars and discussions.

Main themes:

  • When and why is outsourcing successful?
  • Ongoing industry related research projects

Invited speakers:

  • Professor Michel Chaudron, Chalmers: The role of architectures in outsourcing
  • Dr. Darja Smite, Blekinge Institute of Technology: Experience from outsourcing
  • Anders Gustavsson (Vice President Sales at Tieto): How to succeed with outsourcing.


09.30 Registration and coffee

10.00 Introduction and invited speakersPresentations on aspects of outsourcing

  • Dr. Darja Smite, Blekinge Institute of Technology: Lessons learned from terminated outsourcing collaborations  Presentation  Recording (mov)
    Abstract: Most large software companies are involved in offshore development of some sort, and now the trend is that small and medium sized companies are also going global. However, these collaborations are not always successful. In this presentation three stories of Scandinavian medium-sized software companies will be shared. All companies have terminated their offshore outsourcing relationships and changed to offshore insourcing arrangements. The main reason for termination was disappointing low quality of the software delivered, being caused by insufficient domain knowledge, high turnover and a lack of motivation among the remote and external developers. Lessons learned include the reasons why the companies could not succeed in correcting the failing course of action, and revelations about the choice of further sourcing strategies. 
  • Professor Michel Chaudron, Chalmers: The role of architectures in outsourcing  Presentation  Recording (mov)
    Abstract: In this talk we present recommendations for the use of software architecture design and documentation in the context of outsourced global software development projects. These findings were obtained through analysis of several joint Dutch-Indian collaborative software development projects. The recommendations address issues of organisation & people, processes and technology. This talk with end with presenting ongoing work into automated quality assurance for UML-based architecture and design documentation.
11.00 Break


11.30 Presentations on aspects of outsourcing continues

  • Anders Gustavsson, Vice President Sales at Tieto: How to succeed with outsourcing
    Abstract: One important aspect of global delivery and off-shoring software is how to do the transition of competence to another site. This normally has to be done by the off-shoring company maintaining service level agreements and minimizing customer disturbance. We will present some lessons learned and best practices in this area from some of Tieto’s  successful transitions.  Recording (mov)

12.00 Panel diskussion: Sourcing of global development - when and why is outsourcing a good idea? When is it a bad idea?

Panel chair:

Per Runeson


 Michel Chaudron, Anders Gustavsson, Darja Smite


12.30 Lunch at LTH

13.30 Ongoing Industry Related Research
Short presentations from our most industry relevant research projects.

Session Chair:

Sten Minör, SIGRUN

  • itACiH - advanced healthcare at home (Boris Magnusson)
  • Domain Specific Languages (Görel Hedin),  Recording (mov)
  • Best Practices for CM in distributed organisations (Lars Bendix)  Presentation (PDF)  Recording (mov)
  • Aligning Requirements and Verification, EASE tema D (Per Runeson)  Presentation (PDF)  Recording (mov)
  • Mobile services for energy efficiency in existing buildings (Carl Magnus Olsson, MAH)  Presentation (PDF)
  • Scalare project proposal (Sten Minör)  Presentation (PDF) Recording (mov)

15.00 Break

15.30 More research presentations and workshops:

  • Lead time, time lines and retrospectives:Workshop on factors that induce or reduce development lead time (Elizabeth Bjarnason, Richard Berntsson Svensson, Björn Regnell)
  • Feedback Computing: Workshop on feedback management in embedded systems (Martina Maggio, Karl-Erik Årzen, Enrico Bini)
  • PalCom for Dummies: Presentation and demos from the PalCom research (Boris MagnussonBjörn A Johnsson)
  • Stream Computing in Embedded Systems: Building streaming applications on multicore, manycore, and mixed hardware/software platforms (Jorn W. Janneck, LTH, Johan Eker, Ericsson and Carl von Platen from (Ericsson)
  • Provide input to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Software (Per Runeson, LU, Björn Hovstadius, Swedsoft, and Jaana Nyfjord, Swedsoft)
  • more might come...

17.00 Refreshments, sandwiches and poster Sessions

  • Configuration Management - Mothers' little helper for Global Agile Projects? (Lars Bendix (& Christian Pendleton))
  • Adaptive CPU Resource Management of Embedded Multicore Platforms (Karl-Erik Årzén)
  • Integrated Scheduling and Synthesis of Networked Embedded Event-Based Control System (Karl-Erik Årzén)
  • Handling of Layout-Sensitive Semantics in a Visual Control Language (Niklas Fors)
  • A Comparative Study of Incremental Attribute Grammar Solutions to Name Resolution (Emma Söderberg, Görel Hedin)
  • HiPEC: High Performance Embedded Computing(Krzysztof Kuchcinski)
  • Large Scale Visual Semantic Processing (Dennis Medved)
  • Medicinsk datateknik (Boris Magnusson, Görel Hedin, Pierre Nugues)
  • Open Source Software and Efficient Software Development (Alma Orucevic-Alagic)
  • Java 7 implementation in JastAdd (Jesper Öqvist)



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