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Lars Bendix: Opensourcing of research - a new way of collaborating

Speaker: Lars Bendix, dept. of computer science, LTH.

There is a growing involvement from industry in Open Source Software
(OSS) projects - both as participants and owners/initiators. I have been
running an informal collaboration with personal contact people from two
large companies. The purpose was to investigate Software Configuration
Management (SCM) issues with industrial opensourcing.

It turned out that many SCM-related problems were more due to the fact
that the projects were distributed than that they were open source. So we
wanted to broaden the scope to investigating SCM issues in distributed
software projects. It also turned out that the discussions, analysis and
paper writing was more demanding for the industrial participants than
had been anticipated.

So how should the continued project be organized to keep the bureaucratic
overhead to a minimum and still "protect" the industrial participants? My
inspiration came from the way that OSS projects are organized - and I have
tried to cast that in a research project setting.