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Programvaruportalen 2013-10-04

Knappt 200 deltog i årets LUCAS-dag på tema datormoln. Se bilder och uttalanden här.[läs mer]

EASE 2013-10-01

Markus Borg’s research aims to support the engineers working in today’s dynamic information space. His primary focus is on “Aligning Requirements and Verification”. Markus Borg is a Ph.D. Student in the Software Engineering...[läs mer]

ELLIIT 2013-08-01

ELLIIT Workshop 2013Halmstad ColloquiumMobile and Pervasive Cloud Computing Institute at Lund University (MAPCI)First Steps for the NAO Halmstad GroupLUCAS Day in LundThird Halmstad Summer SchoolResearch Cooperation with the...[läs mer]

MAPCI 2013-06-04

Lunds universitet, Sony Mobile och Region Skåne har nu invigt sitt nya forskningsinstitut: The Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute at Lunds University, MAPCI.[läs mer]

MAPCI 2013-06-03

- Todays cloud is in faraway server halls. The cloud of tomorrow will be all around us, says Björn Ekelund, Vice President of Ecosystem, Research & Innovation at ST-Ericsson and the institute's acting director.[läs mer]


Ever since the day when mobile phones were used exclusively for talking, mobile technology has continued to develop at a rapid pace and evidence suggests this is still only the beginning. Today, completely different industries –...[läs mer]

ELLIIT 2013-04-01

Changes in the ELLIIT BoardELLIIT Workshop 2013Linköping FFT processors in Electronics LettersThird Halmstad Summer School on Testing, June 3-5Halmstad Group at TV4ELLIIT on CPS EducationDigital Society at Pufendorf InstituteThe...[läs mer]

ELLIIT 2013-02-01

ELLIIT Workshop 2013Constraint Programming WorkshopLarge impact of Linköping electronics researchNew project between LU/CS and ABB MalmöWorkshop on Wireless Vehicular Communications in HalmstadMODPROD'2013...[läs mer]

ELLIIT 2012-12-01

Constraint Programming CompetitionWorkshops at CPSWEEKIndustrial seminar in KarlskronaLadda ned    [läs mer]

ELLIIT 2012-10-01

Nyheter Rekryteringar Forskningsfinansiering Ladda ned[läs mer]

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