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Kick-off seminar for the LU Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Forum


Tid: 2018-10-12 14:00 till: 17:00
Plats: Wrangel building (Biskopsgatan 5), room 117
Kontakt: henrik [dot] thoren [at] fil [dot] lu [dot] se
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Interested in developing your interdisciplinary pedagogy and improve your students learning?Join the new LU Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Forum!

Welcome to the Kick-off of the LU Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Forum seminar series devoted to interdisciplinary pedagogy. On 12 October we welcome you to our Kick-off seminar and mingle (with snacks and drinks) where you get the opportunity to learn more about the LU Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Forum and meet other teachers at Lund University.

14.00-15.00     Anne Jerneck will lead us into the world of interdisciplinary pedagogy

Anne Jerneck, professor at the interdisciplinary Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, and teacher with decades long experience in teaching in interdisciplinary settings will share with us her views and experiences on interdisciplinary pedagogy.

15.00-16.00     Experience-sharing workshop
16.00-17.00     After-work mingle with goodies across disciplines


Who is invited? Everyone. Interdisciplinarity is becoming an increasingly important value in teaching and the challenges and opportunities that crossing disciplinary boundaries in teaching present us with are relevant to teachers within traditional disciplines as well as those teaching interdisciplinary courses and programmes.

About the forum: The aim of the Forum is to support both teachers in interdisciplinary settings and administrators in managing interdisciplinary curricula and thus to improve students’ learning in disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses and programmes across LU. For more information on future seminars and activities, please follow our blog.

Please let us know if you come by 8th October!