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"Iron-carbene complexes - towards a revolution in solar energy technology?"

Iron-carbene complex for photosensitization


Tid: 2017-03-23 18:00 till: 19:00
Plats:Hall C, Kemicentrum, Getingevägen 60

Public lecture at the Chemical Society in Lund by

Kenneth Wärnmark

Lund University, Professor of organic chemistry

Title:  "Iron-carbene complexes - towards a revolution in solar energy technology?"

Day: Thursday March 23rd
Time: 18:00
Place: Hall C, Kemicentrum, Getingevägen 60

Photosensitizers are used to obtain excited state electrons by harvesting sunlight and then transfer the excited electron to a semiconductor, substrate or another catalyst to drive solar cells and photocatalysis. Photosensitizers to date have to a large extent been based on metal complexes and in particular such ones based on rare and expensive metals, and in particular ruthenium. We have recently shown that metal complexes based on iron, an earth-abundant and inexpensive metal, can be used as  photosensitizers. This research has also led to the first photoluminescent iron complexes.

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