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Building metatheories


Tid: 2017-10-16 13:15 till: 16:00
Plats:Pufendorf institutet, Biskopsgatan 3, Lund

How can we study and understand complex interactions between technical systems and humans – metatheory building and experiences from indoor environments in multifamily housing

Building meta-theories for complex systems. Mark Edwards, associate professor at Jönköping University, is teacher and researcher in the fields of organisational sustainability, transformation and ethics. He will introduce methatheorizing and describe methods for metatheory building..

Building meta-theories for buildings. Kristian Stålne, associate professor at Malmö University, is a teacher and researcher in construction engineering and adult development. He will demonstrate how metatheoretical approaches can be applied on indoor environmental problems.

Co-analysing measurements from indoor environments. Researchers from the PEIRE-project will present examples of data and analyses from multidisciplinary measurements of indoor environments.