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Winners of Klinnovation 2017


Anna Wikström and Emma Andersson recieves their award for best Bachelor's project.

Winners of Klinnovation 2017 are Anna Wikström and Emma Andersson with the project:

"Camera Stand for Visual Reconstruction of The Surgeon’s Visual Field."

Which was presented on the 1st of June in conjunction with the presentation of all Klinnovation projects. Anna and Emma have had Charlotta Johnsson of Department of Automatic Control and Kiet Tran from the Pediatric division at Lund University.

"- The purpose with our Bachelor's thesis has been to design a camera holder to be used for presenting the surgeons field of view during an ongoing operation. Working close to the clinic and getting an insight into how technology can be used to improve the result of surgery, has been great fun. In the future we hope all surgical specialities will use video documentation of surgery to improve practices and technologies and thereby also the results."

Says Anna and Emma. Together with the award of best Klinnovation work 2017 comes 10,000 SEK from LU Innovation to be used for continued work within the project.

In addition to Anna and Emma another 28 BME students were examined and all presented remarkable scientific and innovative projects and oppositions. The Jury who were given the hard task of selecting the winner consisted of Thomas Rundgren, Sven Olsson and Alexander Jörnell from LU Innovation together with Assoc. Prof. Hanna Isaksson (course responsible).