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Urban Water Seminar: Trans-disciplinary Solutions to Urban Water Challenges


Funded by LUCID—Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability

Time:  Friday, August 18, 13:15-16:30.

Location: LUCSUS, Wrangel building, Lund University 


Laura Schifman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Urban Hydro-Ecology and Human Health Laura works on solutions to public health threats associated with urban water, arguing that urban water management should not only rely on engineering solutions, but rather integrate target ecosystem services.

Brian Chaffin, University of Montana

Social Networks and Urban Green Infrastructure Transitions 

Brian’s research explores the roles of law, human values, and voluntary collaboration in catalysing water governance transformations in regions characterised by high conflict over water uses between a diversity of stakeholders.

Rolf Larsson, Lund University

Sustainable Urban Flood Management

Rolf coordinates the multidisciplinary SUrF project, which explores urban flooding as a system of systems, emphasising the importance of hydrology,  social impacts, and institutions in the management of urban stormwater.

Please register by emailing contact person: Murray Scown 

Deadline for registration: Friday 11th of August