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Exjobbspresentationer i Produktutveckling och Teknisk design


Onsdag 16 januari, 08.30 till 16.00 i Stora hörsalen på IKDC

Fredrik Ekman och Markus Wallén presenterar sitt examensarbete Developing a Functional Prosthetic Knee Cover den 16 januari kl 08.30 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: Cosmetical prosthesis covers can serve as important psychological help for prosthetic users. Customised covers for artificial limbs with aesthetical modifications helps to boost amputees’ confidence and gives them an opportunity to express their personalities. The product developed is a unique functional knee cover configuration with innovative and user-friendly fitting adjustments and attachment solutions. The covers are manufactured using additive manufacturing, which means that they can be customised to meet the aesthetical requests of each individual user. The result is a one of a kind knee cover, with true market potential.

Handledare: Axel Nordin
Examinator: Damien Motte
Opponenter: Jonathan Ahlse och Robert Danielsson

Lisa Ralsgård och Simon Axbom presenterar sitt examensarbete Design Of An Autonomous Weeding Vehicle den 16 januari kl 09:30 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: The current trend in the agricultural industry is larger machines that can benefit from economies of scale. These heavy machines are causing three major problems for farmers; serious subsoil compaction, longer disruptions due to single vehicle failure and an inability to efficiently deal with weeds which have resulted in a rapid increase of herbicide resistant weeds. This project is an attempt at solving these problems by integrating the already existing stationary farming robot FarmBot with a lightweight, cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing and durable frame on wheels that can operate autonomously on farms and is being powered by solar energy. The robot will be able to detect weeds using image processing and can then spray only the weeds with herbicide, leaving the crops untouched and reducing herbicide runoff. 

Handledare: Damien Motte
Examinator: Axel Nordin
Opponenter: Mikaela Albertsson & Jens Thieme Almkvist

Mikaela Albertsson och Jens Thieme Almkvist presenterar sitt examensarbete Options for Mechanical Hold Force for Sliding Doors den 16 januari kl 10:30 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: ASSA ABLOY’s automatic sliding doors today have a constant hold force whenever the doors are closed. The force is adjustable between 0-60N and is generated by a motor. In this project it has been investigated whether it is possible to install a mechanical alternative to this hold force instead. A prototype of the suggested solution has been made as a proof of concept.

Handledare: Per-Erik Andersson
Examinator: Giorgos Nikoleris
Opponenter: Lisa Ralsgård och Simon Axbom

Tor Bratt presenterar sitt examensarbete Developing a product visualizing a plant's need for watering - Making the nursing of houseplants easier den 16 januari kl 11.30 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: A common problem with having indoor plans is to regularly water them and give them the correct amount of water. The development process aims to develop a product that uses light to give feedback on a plant's access to water. The product is meant to work as a reminder, indicating the user when watering is needed. 

Handledare: Per Kristav
Examinator: Axel Nordin
Opponenter: Olov Björk

Petter Samuelsson och Robin Emanuelsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Concept development of a household robot platform den 16 januari kl 13.00 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: This thesis was done for Additude Innovation and covers a concept development process of a modular, multi-purpose autonomous household robot. The focus user group is consumers, and it is aimed towards domestic purposes with two foundational requirements. It should be able to mow a lawn, without the need of a perimeter wire.

Handledare: Per-Erik Andersson
Examinator: Giorgos Nikoleris
Opponent: Johannes Gunnarsson

Olof Johansson och Ted Svensson presenterar sitt examensarbete Low friction sliding door seal den 16 april kl 14.00 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: Ett konceptutvecklingsprojekt vars syfte är att ta fram en lösning som främst erbjuder bättre lufttätningsegenskaper och låg friktion hos ett skjutdörrssystem.

Handledare: Per-Erik Andersson
Examinator: Damien Motte
Opponenter: Jonathan Bley & Malin Nylin

Christian Lie presenterar sitt examensarbete Relevance in the eye of the beholder - Diagnosing classifications based on visualised layerwise relevance propagation den 16 januari kl 15:00 i Stora Hörsalen på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund.

Beskrivning: In order to effectively cooperate with artificial neural networks it is essential to have methods for judging the trustworthiness of a classification.

This thesis investigates one such possible method by visualising the "motivation" of the network through a process called layerwise relevance propagation.
Test participants are tasked with learning to differentiate correct and incorrect network classifications and are then evaluated.

Handledare: Joakim Eriksson
Examinator: Axel Nordin
Opponenter: Max Koskinen, Jakob Alvelid