Faculty of Engineering, LTH

NOSA Aerosol Symposium 2017, Lund

March 20-22, 2017 

The NOSA 2017 symposium will be organised by the Consortium for Aerosol Science and Technology at Lund University in Lund (CAST, The special themes of the symposium will be synchrotron radiation studies of surface structures, soot and atmospheric particles, modelling, health effects, and particles in the working environment

Contributions covering all aspects of aerosol science are welcome!


Plenary Lectures by invited speakers

Grisa Mocnik, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubliana, Slovenia - Soot and atmospheric particles

Andreas Stohl, NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research - Regional and Global modelling

Zorana Jovanovic Andersen, University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health - Health effects of aerosol particles

Maria Hedmer, Department of Laboratory Medicine  and Joakim Pagels, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, Lund University - Working environment


Tutorials by invited speakers

Nønne Prisle, University of Oulu, Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit - Synchrotron radiation research

Anders Mikkelsen, Lund University, NanoLund - Synchrotron radiation research


Lab tour at MAX IV, March 20, 13:00-14:30





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For oral presenters

Send your oral presentation to:

Pontus Roldin (, the day before you will present your work.