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Mattias Wallergård

Virtual Working Environments – Are We Ready for The Blue Pill?

Mattias Wallergård is a researcher in interaction design, virtual reality and augmented reality.

− Virtual Reality (VR) will change everything. Including the way we work. Already today it is possible to sit with your colleagues on a virtual mountain top and work with your computer that hovers in front of you. What opportunities and threats will this technology bring about with regards to working environment? Does it sound strange and scary? Well, just wait until you hear what VR:s younger cousin Augmented Reality may bring about…

What is the main prerequisite for a sustainable and healthy working environment?

− A shared set of values of some sort, with the foundation that people are always more important than output and results. 

What does ”joy at work” mean to you?

− That on a sunday evening, you're looking forward to going to work on monday morning.

Tell us about an exciting or unique experience from your working life. 

− While doing research in the Virtual reality lab, we realized virtual natural surroundings could have a calming effect on people. That was somewhat of a "Eureka!" moment.  

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