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Mats Bohgard

Three aspects of comprehensive views when building knowledge for good work environments

Mats Bohgard is a professor in Working Environment at Design Sciences, Lund University

What is the main prerequisite for a sustainable and healthy working environment?

− The main pre-requisite is that we use all our knowledge on how humans interact with other humans and with technologies when designing work places and organisations. To reach that

  1. we need a comprehensive view on the so-called physical and psychosocial environments; the constructed boarder between the two has to be eliminated
  2. we need always to have a comprehensive global view on problems and challenges
  3. when we build the knowledge on how to design work, we need a close coupling between research, practical experience based knowledge and learning activities in higher education.

What does ”joy at work” mean to you?

− It means that I am healthy, that I do things that are meaningful for others and for me, that I learn new things, that I share aims and values with my co-workers and that I have fun.

Tell us about an exciting or unique experience from your working life.

− My first experience of working life was more than 50 years ago. I have had so many exciting and unique moments over the years with insights in so many working places. I have participated in many research projects and have been involved in many teaching activities. The unique experiences have been many. It is difficult to mention one. If I had to do that, I would probably choose the first experience as an employee I had when I was 15 and worked for a short period in a post office. I was then treated as an adult and was also able to contribute to something useful which was appreciated. In addition, I also got paid for it. This was a very exciting and novel experience.

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