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Marie-Luise Ribbnäs and Johan Bauer

Vulnerability - the birthplace of trust, creativity and innovation

Marie-Luise Ribbnäs and Johan Bauer both hold an MBA and work with leadership development at Entira.

− It is rare that people leave their workplace because of the company or business. People leave because of the leadership. Political games, fears and denial behaviour destroy businesses, organisations and employees.  Your job as a leader is to understand which behaviours are destructive and which are productive in yourself and others.

Daring Way™ is a development process for businesses, organisations and individuals based on Brené Brown's* research addressing key issues for development, such as creativity, courage, vulnerability, empathy and compassion. A key part of the process of exploring how to develop resistance to guilt and shame. (*Ph.D. in sociology and research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work)

What is the main prerequisite for a sustainable and healthy working environment?
− To have the starting point that we all, more or less have the same needs, same fears and our hearts in the same place. If we meet and communicate on that level we create the best prerequisites for a healthy and sustainable working environment to develop business and people in. And the leadership must show the way.

What does “joy at work” mean to you?
− Five years ago we formulated the cornerstone of our business which symbolises ”joy at work ” for us: “We are convinced that when everyone has the opportunity to work in an environment where they are energized, inspired, where they happily and without fear can contribute their strengths to the development of themselves and their organisation, great results can be achieved.”

Tell us about an exciting and unique experience from your working life!
− Last spring we made a leadership development programme in Malaysia with men and women from more than ten nationalities and a good five different faiths. What an experience to see them help each other, and us, to develop and grow without judgement or fear but with a lot of vulnerability. And joy!

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