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Susanne Brannebo and Frida Tibblin Citron

Move slowly to change fast

Frida Tibblin Citron is a professional communicator and behavioral scientist with experience in business development, coaching and communication strategy in both small and large companies. 

Susanne Brannebo is an economist and behavioral scientist with the ambition to contribute to customers' development by inspiring and challenging groups and individuals to think in new ways.

Change is becoming faster and more complex in a rapid pace. Everybody needs to relate to the speed no matter if we want to or not. How can employees meet these new demands and make use of their own strengths in a more effective way? How can we contribute to sustainable workplaces where everyone is given the right tools to contribute with their share?

What is the main prerequisite for a sustainable and healthy working environment?
− When we have been out working at different companies and organisations, we always come back to the same thing – it’s all about commitment. From the individual, taking responsibility for being part of a context and working with tasks that engage, and using their driving force in a positive manner.  But also from the employer’s side, making demands, and providing opportunities for employees to find their drive.

What does joy at work mean to you?
− It means just that, choosing joy and seeing possibilities, and thus being able to contribute to your own life and the improvement of your workplace. The challenge lies in this duality.

Tell us about an exciting or unique experience from your working life
− I have made two rounds as a consultant at Sony Mobile, where they have had to let employees go on several occasions. One offer for the terminated employees was to participate in a center where they were given a workplace, a context, tools for self-management, explore opportunities to start their own businesses and free access to a coach. It was incredibly worthwhile and exciting to be involved in this, and it was especially great that a large Japanese company like Sony Mobile invested in giving their employees an opportunity to grow. It was a classic win-win, where the company showed responsibility and strengthened their brand, while employees were given a chance to find what motivates them, thereby ensuring a more sustainable work situation in the long term.  

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