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Andreas Larsson

Innovative working environment

Andreas Larsson is Associate Professor and Innovation Leader at Blekinge Institute of Technology, as well as Innovation Practice Advisor and Case Manager at MSF Sweden Innovation Unit (Médicines Sans Frontières / Läkare Utan Gränser).

− Working life is becoming increasingly global and boundary crossing with coworkers shifting quickly and dynamically between time zones, teams, projects and contexts. How might we create a working environment that bridges the digital and the physical, where our coworkers are stimulated to think and act more innovatively? Andreas shares his experiences in strengthening companies’ and organizations’ innovation capability by improving the digital and physical working environment.

What is the main prerequisite for a sustainable and healthy working environment?

− I think the most important thing is psychological safety - to dare ask questions, say what you think, propose ideas and dare making mistakes without worrying about what your colleagues will say or think. The work will be more fun, more creative and also more effective.

What does ”joy at work” mean to you?

− To me, joy at work is about working with new and exciting things, to always be skating on thin ice a little bit. This might sound stressful rather than fun, but with bosses and colleagues that have a similar approach, we create a very strong team spirit and a “let’s do this!” attitude at work. 

Tell us about an exciting or unique experience from your working life. 

− Last Fall, I was sitting in my office, with a webcamera on my head, cutting into thawed chicken feet with a scalpel. It was a highly serious experiment to explore future solutions for tele-surgery, but I can also understand that it was quite an unexpected sight in the university corridors. A conversation starter, for sure.

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