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Welcome to LU Biofuels

2nd Symposium on lignin and hemicellulose valorisation by LU Biofuels and EERA Bioenergy

Where? Palaestra, Lund

When? November 3-4, 2015fileadmin/energiportalen/Energy_Portal/Files/programme_update_final.pdf


Michael O'Donohue - Lignins and Pentoses: biorefinery waste streams or chemical intermediates?

Tim Bugg - Bacterial enzymes for lignin valorisation

Gudbrand Rödsrud - Potential applications for different lignin source based on experience from Borregard

Paul Christakopoulos - Biocatalytic applications of feruloyl and glucuronoyl esteras

Richard Gosselink - Lignin valorization towards materials, chemicals and energy

Ulrica Edlund - Plastics from biomass hemicelluloses

Christian Hulteberg - Depolymerisation of lignin

Maija Tenkanen - Aerogels from mannans

Patrick Adlercreutz - Production of prebiotics from hemicellulose

LU Biofuels is a multi-disciplinary research platform that brings together researchers working on biofuels (in a Swedish and international context) from across faculties, departments and centres at Lund University. The team at LU Biofuels is meeting on a regular basis and organising exciting events.

Lund University through LU Biofuels is a partner in the Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels (F3 Centre). The F3 Centre connects a range of stakeholders including leading universities and industrial companies to contribute to the development of fossil free fuels.


• In May 2015, LU Biofuels organised a day on prospects for biofuels.

• In December 2013, LU Biofuels organised a workshop on enzymatic and sustainable biomass valorisation.

• In May 2013, LU Biofuels organised a day on the topic Research and Strategies Towards a Fossil-Free Society.

• In November 2012, LU Biofuels and the F3 Centre organised an open seminar on Integrated Biofuel Production: Policy and Technology.

• In August 2012, LU Biofuels organised an intensive introductory course on LCA and Process Design.

• In April 2012, LU Biofuels organised an interactive workshop on what are the fuels of the future.

• In February to May 2012, LU Biofuels organised a PhD course on GHG accounting and bioenergy systems.

• In August 2011, LU Biofuels organised a PhD course on the biofuels of today and tomorrow.

• In October 2010, LU Biofuels organised a workshop on cross-disciplinary research opportunities.

• In October 2009, LU Biofuels organised a seminar on LU Biofuels as a strategic research platform at Lund University.


• Read Green Indicator for a digest of news and trends from the world of renewable fuels and chemicals.

• Visit the Bioenergy International Magazine and the World Bioenergy Association for news and events on bioenergy.

• Check out Biofuels Digest for all the news from the USA to the EU on biofuels for transport.

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Bioeconomy Day - what? why? Where?

The meeting is on 2 June 2016. It is free of charge for Ph. D. students and researchers at Lund University, however the number of participants are limited.  Registration no later than 8 May 2016.



Public Lecture

Life cycle assessment of biofuels in India and its impact on Indian biofuel programme

Speaker: Ms Shveta Soam

When: Friday 23 October 2015, 10:30-12:00

Where: Lecture hall G, Chemical Centre, Sölvegatan 39, entrance B



Symposium - First Announcement

2nd Symposium on lignin and hemicellulose valorisation by LU Biofuels and EERA Bioenergy.

Where? Palaestra, Lund

When? November 3-4, 2015


LU Biofuels Day

The LU Biofuels Day on Friday 29 May was on “The prospects of biofuels – an update of current status”. The purpose of the event was to update participants on the status and trends for biofuels.

Check out the presentations and pictures from the LU Biofuels Day!

Lund University Networks

Lund University is a member of a range of networks, including the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) with more than 2000 researchers from over 150 organisations in Europe, and the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) that acts as the global organisation dedicated to supporting and representing the wide range of actors in the bioenergy sector.

Bioenergy Mini-symposium

LU Biofuels organised a bioenergy mini-symposium on assessing availability of biomass for bioenergy purposes. The presentations are available here.

Lynn Wright, WrightLink Consulting - “Bioenergy use and new feedstock development in the USA

Lars Rytter, SkogForsk - “Land areas and biomass production for current and future use in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Sweden and India Collaborate on bioenergy

Lund University and the Centre for Bioenergy at Indian Oil Corporation Limited have signed a partnership agreement on the sharing of research expertise. The partnership is based on developing and researching renewable forms of energy focusing on bioenergy.

Researchers visit India!

Researchers visit Sweden!

Read an article in English

Read an article in Swedish

Bioenergy School Book

LU Biofuels have developed an interactive guide for school students (16-18 years) and teachers, which opens the door to understanding and engaging in the transition from the fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy. Learn more about "It's the bioeconomy, stupid! An Introduction to the World of Bioenergy" and download a copy for free.


To drive forwards sustainable solutions for the production of biofuels and bio-products from renewable bio-resources, predominately through biological conversion technologies.

To establish Lund University as world-leading in the development and implementation of well-to-wheel systems by ensuring the provision of fundamental and applied know-how, process inputs, and human resources.

To thereby support Swedish and European industries to become cost competitive and sustainable on the global market.