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The partners of LU Biofuels work with a range of projects. Some examples of current collaborative projects include:

It is a European project aiming to develop conversion of pentose-rich streams from biorefineries into dicarboxylic acids.

Proethanol 2G
It is a European-Brazilian project on bioethanol that aims at the effective integration and development of advanced technologies through the combined use of Biology and Engineering for the production of second generation (2G) bioethanol, from European (wheat straw) and Brazilian (sugarcane bagasse and straw) feedstocks.

A European project in FP7 that aims at producing biopolymers based on waste-derived lignocellulosic sugars.

A European project in FP7 on second generation ethanol. The final outcome is a demonstration unit with an annual output of 40000 ton of lignocellulosic ethanol.

LETS 2050
A project on transitions towards Low-Carbon Energy and Transport Systems for 2050.

Some examples of recent collaborative projects include:

A European project in FP7 on lignocellulosic ethanol.

Crops 4 Biogas
A project on vehicle fuel production from energy crops.

Green Chem
A project to develop clean, sustainable technology that effects the production of green chemical products from renewable feedstocks.

A European project in FP6 to develop a blue-print for decentral hydrogen production process using local biomass.

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