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LU Biofuels comprises a range of partners from across Lund University. The key partners include:

AgriFood Economics Centre
Economics, food, bioenergy, agriculture, and rural development.

Applied Microbiology
Biocatalysis, metabolic engineering, and microbial physiology.

Enzyme technology, discovery and development for lignocellulose conversion.

Microbial technology, enzyme technology, bioseparation and bioanalysis.

Cell and Organism Biology
Biocatalysis, microbial strain selection and strain improvements through metabolic pathway evolution.

Center of Analysis and Synthesis
Analytical chemistry, metal-catalysed sythensis, natural product chemcistry, and supercritical fluid technology.

Chemical Engineering
Biomass fractionation, process design and integration, and separation technology.

Environmental and Energy Systems Studies (IMES)
Multi-disciplinary systems studies, energy, environmental, technology, economical and policy assessments.

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)
Energy for sustainable development, bioenergy systems, energy and climate policy, systems analysis, and policy evaluation.

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