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Course 2011

In August 2011, LU Biofuels organised a PhD course on the biofuels of today and tomorrow. The PhD course attracted over 30 participants with 18 speakers from academia, industry and governmental agencies See presentations and pictures below.

Kes McCormick, Why do we need Biofuels?

Helen Lindblom, Past, Present and Future Energy Blend

Nikals von Weymarn, Future Biorefinery

Pål Börjesson, Bioenergy: Innovations, Drivers and Barriers

Guido Zacchi, Process Integration of Biorefineries, Biofuels and other Chemicals

Mats Galbe, Biomass Pretreatment

Henrik Strålbrand, Enzymatic Conversion of Plant Biomass

Lars Stigsson, Green Chemicals and Fuels from the Forest

Chistian Hulteberg, Algae and Glycerol

Ed van Niel, Towards Biological Hydrogen Production

Charlott Gissen, Energy Crops Fertilized with Urban Fertilizers

Fredrik Wilhelmsson, Bridging Politics and Economics of Biofuels

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