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It's the bioeconomy, stupid!

Bioenergy is booming around the world and with the expansion comes exciting opportunities and some disturbing risks. Learning about bioenergy - from technologies, to resources, to policies - is important to the success and sustainability of the advanced bioeconomy.

Kes McCormick and Karin Willquist with the support of LU Biofuels have developed an interactive guide for school students (16-18 years) and teachers, which opens the door to understanding and engaging in the transition from the fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy.

It's the bioeconomy, stupid! An introduction to the world of bioenergy (version 1) is available in two formats - an e-book with hyperlinks and a printable book. The guide is a living document and suggestions for improvement are welcome (for version 2). Email to send comments.



The guide contains six chapters on experiences with bioenergy in different places, including Sweden, Brazil, Australia, China, USA and Ethiopia. The guide takes an interactive approach to learning about bioenergy with maps, pictures, charts, graphs, cartoons, news, discussions, experiments and activities.

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