Joint and Double PhD degrees

From 1 July 2010, it is possible for Swedish universities to arrange PhD education in cooperation with one or more Higher Education Institutions (HEI:s) that leads to joints degrees (Swedish: gemensamma examina).

Within Europe there are different definitions of joint degrees and national rules and regulations may limit the possibilities in this respect. If a potential partner HEI is subject to such limitations, then it is easier to opt for a double degree arrangement.

Working definitions

Joint degrees refers to two degrees that are based on one PhD programme leading to one publically defended thesis and one diploma document.

Double degrees refers to two degrees that are based on two partially overlapping doctoral programmes leading to at least one publically defended thesis and two diploma documents.

Comparison between joint and double degrees


 Joint degreeDouble degree
Degree requirementsThe students must meet the degree requirements of both HEI:s.
DiplomaDiplomas for two degrees are issued in one document.Diplomas for two degrees are issued in two separate documents.
EnrollementThe student is formally enrolled at only one of the HEI:s.The students is formally enrolled at both HEI:s.
Status as student at Lund UniversityThe student has status as student at LU only during limited periods agreed upon.The student has status as student at LU during the entire education.
Subject (doctoral programme)The student should meet the requirements of a specific subject (doctoral programme).The student should should be enrolled in a specific subject (doctoral programme)
Individual study planShould be set up and updated according to LU regulations.
Endorsement of creditsExaminations passed at one HEI should automatically be approved by the other HEI.Examinations passed at one HEI may be approved by the other HEI after review and decision.
Financial supportThe rules of LU are in effect only during the periods that the student is defined as a student at LU.The rules of LU are in effect during the students’ entire education.
Public defenceLU may approve a public defence carried out according to the procedure of the other HEI, but the general requirements in the Higher Education Act (§40-42) must be fulfilled.The public defence can be located to the either HEI but all rules of LU apply.
AgreementAn agreement must be set up.A double degree agreement may be set up, primarily to ensure the students’ rights.
Diploma SupplementThe DS should state that the education has been carried out as a joint degree programme and that a corresponding degree has been awarded by the other HEI.The DS should state that a part of the education has formed the basis of a corresponding degree awarded by the other HEI.
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