International mobility for doctoral students at LTH

Studies abroad within the Erasmus programme

PhD students at LTH may be exchange students within the EU Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) on the same conditions as students at Bachelor and Master levels. This opportunity is open to most PhD students at LTH, including students that are financed by stipends such as HEC. However, special rules apply to students that carry an Erasmus Mundus Action II (formerly Erasmus Mundus External Window) stipend or a SIDA travel grand (e.g., within a Linnéus-Palme program).

 The general conditions are:

  • A bilateral agreement between Lund University/LTH and the host university should be in place. This is arranged by the International Office at LTH on initiative and appoval from the department at LTH where the PhD student is enrolled.
  • The study period at the host university should be 3-12 months.
  • The PhD students must have been enrolled at LTH for a minimum of 12 months prior to the mobility period.
  • The studies at the host university must entirely be a part of the students’ PhD studies at LTH.
  • The student is eligible for a regular, personal Erasmus stipend. The stipend will not be subject to taxation, even if the student has a “Doktorandtjänst”.

The countries participating in the LLP program are the 27 EU countries, plus Norway, Iceland and Turkey.

Further information is given by the International Office.

Sidansvarig: | 2020-02-12