International opportunities

Exchange agreements for visiting PhD students

Visiting PhD students from other universities must be registered in a formal exchange agreement in order to regulate LTH's responsibilities and the PhD student's rights, and for insurance purposes. The agreement form, currently only available in Swedish, can be found on the Swedish web page:

Exchange agreements for visiting PhD students (in Swedish)

If you have any questions, please contact the International Office:

Contact the International Office

Joint and double PhD degrees

What is the difference between a joint and double PhD degree? If you are interested in a joint or double degree, find out what the terms mean and which type best suits your needs.

Joint and double PhD degrees

PhD student mobility

Most PhD students at LTH can participate in exchange studies within the EU Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) on the same conditions as students at Bachelor and Master levels. Find out if you are eligible for the program, and what conditions apply.

International mobility for PhD students

Teacher mobility

The EU project Erasmus+ provides funding for international teacher exchange. If you are interested in such an exchange, contact the International Office for more information.

Contact the International Office

Lund University agreements

The university's central staff pages has information about university-wide agreements, partnerships and opportunities.

International opportunities and agreements at Lund University

Incoming Erasmus trainees

Higher education students within the EU can spend 2-12 months as Erasmus interns.

Guidelines and information concerning incoming Erasmus interns at LTH, Lund University (LU)

Contact International Office

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