LTHin is a digital platform for LTH's employees which in a simple way should help us to access news and information that are important to our work, and which will also make it easier for us to collaborate.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why an intranet?

  • When all documents and information are gathered on the intranet, you do not have to search, which makes the work more productive.
  • Through the intranet, information can be directed in different ways to different groups, meaning that you are not overwhelmed with information that is not relevant to you.
  • Avoid unnecessary emails and give feedback in various forums more effective by using the intranet's social functions. The intranet gives you the opportunity to share projects with others digitally, to gather your networks and to create social groups with your colleagues.
  • A well-functioning intranet builds common knowledge within an organization and leads to better collaboration.

Medarbetarwebben is closing

The information previously found on LTH's Employee Web has moved into the intranet. LTH's employee web site is no longer updated and will be closed shortly.

The information found on LTH's employee website that needs to be visible externally can be found in the menu on this page.


Project Leader
Pernilla Daws

CMS- and education manager
Emma Danielsson

Sidansvarig: | 2020-02-14