Lund Lighting Initiative

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Research Dimension

A basis for the LLI is the advanced research in materials science at Lund University with relations to companies developing new LED-technology. Another is the broad and advanced research in Lund on the relation between organisms and light. The vision group is one of the world leading groups in comparative visual science. Within biology the study of growth and development of plants relates to light. In the faculty of medicine research about the relation between light and illness are studied in a number of departments. In the field of environmental psychology studies about the psychological impact of light, both visual related to experience, and non-visual related to arousal has a long tradition. Finally, in building sciences and design sciences the research focus on how to apply lighting solutions that meet the needs of man  as well as energy efficiency, in different situations and environments.

At the university it is possible to examine the relation between organisms and light in depth from various viewpoints, but in order to apply the knowledge in real-life situation it must be synthesized. By a multidisciplinary approach it is possible to reach further and both develop research areas and facilitate implementation of the knowledge. By the help from the Pufendorf institute at Lund University a first step was taken in 2010 when an advanced study group on light and lighting was formed. The group has arranged seminars, the first on concept formation in the study of light, and also published a booklet about light from different points of view. LLI aims to promote and facilitate applied research and various kinds of case studies.

With the LLI the next step is taken to become more specific and begin actual collaboration between research groups, both inside and outside Lund University.


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