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Facilitating Dimension

Sweden has a strong tradition in open development oriented collaboration between different spheres of society.  Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, promotes Triple-Helix innovation processes. “The term Triple Helix describes the interaction between actors in the fields of business, science and politics which produces effective innovation systems.” The advancement within each sector is conceptualized as a development spiral. The innovation process builds on parallel advancements in the three development spirals. The Triple-Helix aim is to enhance the business development process and the total result through constructive collaboration among the three spheres. Most of the Swedish development actors are familiar with this type of thinking.

One vital effect of the open dialogue is that the participants build a common understanding of how the situation is. The importance of having a common “map” is described in “Sense-making in Organizations” (authored by Karl Weick).

Many of the actors in the LLI network have multiple roles. Municipalities are buying a lot of lighting and they are also regional development actors that provide information and “rules” for the societal development. The Swedish Energy agency is working as a regulatory agent and also as facilitator. The Swedish Transport Administration is a large purchaser and also a regulatory agent, and also to some extent a facilitator.

LLI is a facilitating actor that collaborates with other facilitating actors. Ceebel is facilitating utilization of lighting research by making the results available and as a forum for dialogue. The Pufendorf Advanced Study Group on Lighting is facilitating multidisciplinary research. LLI is involved in international collaboration, e.g. as a founding member of the European Lighting Clusters Alliance, ELCA and as partner in the PremiumLight project, through the TEM Foundation at Lund University. LLI is also engaged in Smart Lighting program, primarily through collaboration with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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