Lund Lighting Initiative

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Business Dimension

The fundamental business challenge is to build clearer and broader awareness about the human and societal value of really good lighting.

To build really good awareness there is a need for collaboration with governing and facilitating actors and research. Sweden has a tradition of working with this kind of collaboration in an open way. One basic strength is that Sweden has a strong tradition in development of system solutions, ergonomics and working environments.

Two major examples from the Swedish industrial history:

  • The open collaboration between ASEA and Vattenfall. During the electrification of Sweden Vattenfall was representing the future users of electricity. The collaboration resulted in early high-quality electrification in concert with successful business development.
  • The open collaboration between Ericsson and Televerket. During the build-up of the system for telephone communication Televerket represented the future users of telephones. The collaboration resulted in early build-up of high-quality communication possibilities in concert with successful business development.

One part of the LLI business network is public actors that are taking lead roles as customers and users of the new lighting technology. The in-depth dialogues between the user representing purchasers and the companies that are developing new kinds of high-quality lighting provides leading guidance both for the lead customers and for the renewal oriented suppliers.


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