Lund Lighting Initiative

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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ICT lighting can create a better everyday life for the many people

The strength of the Swedish information and communication technology sector enable Sweden to also take a leading role in the design of the systems and solutions needed to take full advantage of the emerging lighting technology. Business development for ICT-light is important to accelerate the European investments in working and living environments for a sustainable quality of life.

The lighting sector is affected by a pervasive wave of change. LED and ICT offer new opportunities to create dynamically controllable lighting solutions. The ability to control light and technology shifts taking place in the telecommunications and advanced electronics make you look distinct points of intersection between telecom and ICT on the one hand and the new lighting technology, smart grids and energy management on the other.

The latest 100 years we have started to live in a static light which departs significantly from the day and night light of nature. It is now commercially feasible to create a much more vibrant lighting. ICT-light enables dynamic ambience with individual and situational levels of sensory stimulation, which will improve the conditions for productivity, learning, health, comfort and well-being. The potential societal values of ICT-light include better environmental conditions for education and the ageing population.

Lund Lighting Initiative and the co-players want to stimulate dialogue between public customers and business actors. The change has started and Sweden can now take a leading role in light-related IT and business development that can provide tens of thousands of new Swedish jobs.

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