Lund Lighting Initiative

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Raison d’être

The rapid development of lighting technologies enables creation of a new level of dynamic high-quality lighting. Consequently, multidisciplinary knowledge about the human and societal effects of various kinds of light is becoming much more valuable.


  • Dynamic high-quality lighting can be used for creation of a functional and stimulating atmosphere.  
  • Harmonic, user adapted lighting can be used to stimulate the senses in such a way that you keep fit for life.
  • All kinds of disturbing and wasteful use of lighting can be avoided.
  • The employment of new lighting technologies will save a lot of energy.

The basis is that the value creating enhancement of the utilization of the new lighting is dependent on multifaceted business development.

  1. To stimulate and enable renewal oriented business development initiatives and investments there is a need to clarify and articulate the potential individual and societal sustainable development worth of better lighting.
  2. To clarify and articulate the potential value and constraints there is a need for creative dialogue between “users and suppliers”, i.e. among
  • knowledgeable and purchasing people that understand the light related needs and wants, and
  • development actors with in-depth knowledge about the new lighting related technologies and systemic development opportunities.


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