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LETS 2050

Near zero emissions by 2050 in industrialised countries, required for staying below the two-degree target, is a challenging but also liberating thought. It may first seem like an impossible task. But a growing number of studies show that such a transition is possible from a resource and technology point of view, as well as affordable.

The LETS-programme on Governing Transitions to Low Carbon Energy and Transport Systems takes this as a starting point for exploring the policy and governance challenges that may be associated with making a low carbon transition.

LETS started in January 2009 and finished in June 2013. The research has involved more than 25 researchers from thirteen different departments and groups. 

LETS Final Programme Report



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What is LETS?

What societal transitions are implied by low-carbon futures and how can these transitions be governed and implemented to meet challenging climate policy objectives?

These are the core questions adressed by LETS, Low-Carbon Energy and Transport Systems for 2050, a multidisciplinary research program at Lund University.

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