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Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases constitute the major cause of death in the Western World. Therefore, non-invasive, precise, reliable and reproducible techniques for the quantification of cardiac and vascular performance are of fundamental importance. Markers of interest include analysis of size and movements of the heart muscle and blood vessels (including shear between individual layers), perfusion within the heart muscle, electrical activity, as well as metabolic rate.


Cancer constitutes the second major cause of depth in the Western World. Many resources are directed to improve the health care of cancer patients, to improve treatment outcome with prolonged life expectancy and quality of life. Much effort is focused on improving early detection techniques and to conduct more specific therapy.

Neurological understanding and technology

A traumatic amputation of a hand or an arm has serious effects on body awareness, working capacity, social function and quality of life. Rehabilitation of amputees may include the use of myoelectric hand prostheses, which are able to open and close a motorised hand using EMG (electromyogram) signals. A new concept that facilitates predictor association of EMG patterns with specific hand movements based on the use of a data glove on the healthy hand has been demonstrated. Top competence in the area of pattern recognition and bioelectronic signal processing is a prerequisite for this development and is already a part of the proposed research centre.


A traumatic amputation.