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Biofysisk interaktion/givare-apparat/signalbehandling

Biophysical interaction

Lund University Medical Laser Centre is an established organisation for multidisciplinary research in laser-based diagnostic techniques and photodynamic tumour therapy. The medical laser centre is part of Lund Laser Centre, a European Large Scale Facility. The Medical Magnetic Resonance (MR) physics group was founded by Professor Bertil Persson in 1983 and is now led by Prof. Freddy Ståhlberg. The main research is to develop clinically useful methods for functional MR imaging investigations. The Malmö group in Radiation physics, and Lund Nuclear Microprobe group have solid competence in digital X-ray imaging, radiation dosimetry, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, and ion beam analysis for quantitative characterisation of microscopic structures respectively.

Information in signals and images

The image group and medical and spatial statistics group at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, and the group for Medical signal processing have, since more than 20 years, been active in models and algorithms for extraction and interpretation of information in medical signals. World standard for automated perimetry, biometrical identification systems, vector tomography, vision systems, intelligent pacemakers and surveillance systems for cardiac diseases, linkage genetic analysis, are examples of projects which have resulted in industrially successful products.

Sensors and microtechnology

The department of Electrical Measurements has a unique history within diagnostic ultrasound. The late professor Hellmuth Hertz, in close collaboration with the cardiologist Inge Edler, invented Echocardiography in 1953. Currently Kjell Lindström and Thomas Laurell lead the research on ultrasound physics and technology, piezoelectric ultrasound transducers, ultrasound field characterization, cardiovascular and obstetric applications, micromechanical ultrasound acoustics and micro fluidics, EMG signal analysis and prostaetics control.