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Faculties club - tidigare seminarier


Immunomagnetisk cellseparation vid HLA-haploidentisk stamcellstransplantation
Presenter: MD. Josefina Dykes, Dept. Laboratory medicine, Div. Hematology and Transfusion Medicine

Tumor staging. From biomarkers to targets
Presenter: Prof. Peter James, Dept. Electrical Measurements, Div. Protein Technology

Iron ioxide nanoparticle MR imaging of brain tumor
Presenter: Prof. Ed Neuwelt, Oregon Health & Science Univeristy, Portland, Oregon

Reduced mental function in cell phoning rats
Presenter: Gustav Grafström, PhD, Medical radiation physics and Neurosurgery, The Rausing Laboratory

Deoxyribonucleoside kinases: as suicide gene for anti-cancer gene-therapy and tools for green chemistry
Presenter: Prof. Jure Piskur, Dept Cell and Organism Biology

Microscaled sample preparation in proteomics
Presenter: Dr. Simon Ekström, Dept. Electrical Measurements

Design of recombinant antibody miroarrays for proteome analysis
Presenter: Dr. Christer Wingren. Dept. Immunotechnology

Aptamers – An unique molecule designed to be perfect
Presenter: Tina Persson, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Center, Lund University

Toxic antibodies against cancer in clinical trial
Prof. em. Hans-Olov Sjögren, Immunologi, LU

Semiconductor Nanotrees
Presenter: Kimberly Dick


Presenters: Xiaolong Fan

Stretching the Limits of Separation - Separation Devices Based on Micro and Nanofluidics
Presenter: Jonas Tegenfeldt

LU Innovation - The University's commercial support to you as a researcher
Speaker: Jonas Gallon; LU Innovation

Superhydrophobic surfaces as substrates for protein microarrays
Speaker: Anton Ressine, Dept Electrical Measurements

Exposure to electromagneticfields from mobile telephones change the gene expression of the cortex in rat brains
Speakers: Leif Salford, Bertil Persson, Bengt Widegren and Morten Krigh,

Presenter: Prof. Merab Kokaia

Label Free Biorecognition reaction of lipid membrane mediated biorecognition reactions
Presenter: Prof. Fredrik Höök, Dept. Solid State Physics

Tumörstamceller och stamceller
Presenter: Bengt Widegren, Dept. Immunology

Dendritic cells och stemcells
Presenter: Anna Darabi , Dept. Neurosurgery, Rausinglab

Electrochemical detection of dynamic cellular processes
Presenter: Dr. Arto Heiskanen, Analytical Chemistry

Presentation of the first European Network of Excellence in
nanobiotechnology - Nano2Life and the Lund node
Presenter: Jenny Emneus

Neural interfacing by microchip technologies
Presenter: Lars Wallman

Non viral DNA transfection by impedance powered electroporation
Presenter: Bertil Persson


Nanobitechnology developments at dept. Electrical Measurements
Presenter: Thomas Laurell

Presenter: Leif Salford


Tidigare seminarier