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Professor Kristian Berg, Oslo Norwey - seminar "Photochemical internalization: A technology for site-specific drug delivery"

Time: April 16, 2008 at 15.15-16.45
Place: Lund University, Division of Atomic Physics
Professorsgatan 1, R
oom A314


The utilisation of macromolecules in therapy of cancer and other diseases is becoming increasingly relevant. Recent advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have made it possible to improve targeting and design of cytotoxic agents, DNA complexes and other macromolecules for clinical applications. To achieve the expected biological effect of these macromolecules in many cases internalisation to the cell cytosol is crucial. At an intracellular level, the most fundamental obstruction for cytosolic release of the therapeutic molecule is the membrane-barrier of the endocytic vesicles. Photochemical internalisation (PCI) is a novel technology for release of endocytosed macromolecules into the cytosol. The technology is based on the use of photosensitizers located in endocytic vesicles that upon activation by light induces a release of macromolecules from their compartmentalization in endocytic vesicles. PCI has been shown to potentiate the biological activity of a large variety of macromolecules and other molecules that do not readily penetrate the plasma membrane, including type I ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs), gene-encoding plasmids, adenovirus, oligonucleotides and the chemo-therapeuticum bleomycin. PCI has also been shown to enhance the treatment effect of targeted therapeutic macromolecules. The results show that PCI can induce efficient light-directed delivery of macromolecules into the cytosol, indicating that PCI may have a variety of useful applications for site-specific drug
delivery, e.g. in gene therapy, vaccination and cancer treatment. Recent advances in understanding the mechanisms of action as well as the development of PCI towards clinical utilization will be presented.

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