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LABIB seminarie: Arterial characterization using ultrasound


Tobias Nilsson, Biomedicinsk teknik, LTH

Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death in the world. Atherosclerosis, i.e. stiffening of the arteries, usually starts at young age and then gradually progress as we get older. As the arteries become stiffer they also grow thicker. Eventually, as the arterial wall accumulates more fat, parts of the wall may protrude into the artery partially obstructing the blood flow. When such a protrusion (called plaque) ruptures thrombus are formed and released into the blood stream causing for instance cardiac infarction or stroke. The pathophysiological process of cardiovascular diseases is very complex and not fully understood. There is an extensive ongoing research how to better understand, diagnose and treat such diseases. This presentation will focus on three different methods which we have developed to better understand and to characterize such diseases. The methods are based on image segmentation, motion tracking and signal processing in ultrasound images of arteries.

Tid: 12.15-13
Plats: E:1406, E-huset, LTH