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Julia Alsved's Master’s thesis Thursday 31/1 08:30, E1328


Julia Alsved will present her Master’s thesis Plasma generation and white blood cell separation from whole blood using acoustophoresis.


Blood fractionation is a key pre-treatment prior to analysis steps in the field of immunology and diagnostics. In this thesis, a microfluidic technique called acoustophoresis is evaluated for plasma generation as well as separation of white blood cells from whole blood. By moving blood cells in an acoustic field from a standing half-wave, pure plasma was generated at 10 μl/min. The influence of sample concentration, ultrasonic amplitude and impedance matching with a density media was investigated in the purpose of separating white blood cells from red blood cells. The results showed a separation efficiency of 40% for mononuclear cells, with room for further optimization. Experimental considerations for this type of setup are discussed together with possible developments of the acoustofluidic instrument and future possibilities.

Place: E1328

Day: Thursday 31/1

Time: 08.30

Supervisor: Anke Urbansky

Examiner: Per Augustsson