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On 19th of June Kishore Jagadeesan will give a talk on a software he worked on during his PhD studies. The software and technologies are of interest to all that handle larger data volumes.DateJune 19Time13-15VenueBME seminar...[läs mer]


On Friday 16th of June Emma Törner will present her Master's thesis titled: "Adaptation of existing cardiovascular simulation model to cardiac pumping physiology" which has been done at the Heart-MR group at Skåne...[läs mer]


On Tuesday 13th June Sigrid Björnsdotter and Mikael Maga will present their Masters' thesis: "Development of equine gait recognition algorithm"  which has been done at Sony. Frida Sandberg is the supervisor. The...[läs mer]


Winners of Klinnovation 2017 are Anna Wikström and Emma Andersson with the project: "Camera Stand for Visual Reconstruction of The Surgeon’s Visual Field." Which was presented on the 1st of June in conjunction with...[läs mer]


On Thursday June, 8th, Neashan Mathavan will defend his PhD thesis entitled: “The Anabolic – Anti-catabolic Paradigm of Augmenting Skeletal Regeneration: A Bone Quality Perspective” The dissertation will be held at 09.15 in...[läs mer]

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