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On the 18th of May Malin Magnusson will present her master’s thesis titled: “Detection of equestrian falls using smartphone sensors” The presentation will be given in Swedish and has the Swedish title: “Detektion av fall från...[läs mer]


On the 12th of May, John Albinsson will present his thesis:  "Advancements of 2D speckle tracking of arterial wall movements" The presentation is open to the public and will be held at Segerfalksalen at BMC...[läs mer]


The MY-ATRIA will address issues related to atrial arrhythmia development and response to treatment, using an integrative approach to exploring the complex electrical processes. MY_ATRIA will develop new technology for...[läs mer]


Luisa Rusconi and Danilo Pupo will present their master thesis ”ECG-derived respiration in atrial fibrillation” on Monday May 8th at 15:30 in the BME conference room E:1517a. Supervisor is Frida Sandberg.[läs mer]


At 15:15 on Monday May 8th Adam Wahlsten will present his Master's Thesis Project entitled: "Confined Compression Test for the Analysis of Chemo-Mechanical Effects in Multiphasic Hydrated Materials" The thesis work...[läs mer]

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