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The SoilChip project was featured on the radio, with Edith Hammer, Kristin Aleklett and Pelle Ohlsson explaining how microchips from Biomedical Engineering help ecologists study what bacteria and fungi are doing under the ground...[läs mer]


On Wednesday 24th January 13:15 in E:1328,  Benjamin Meirza will present his thesis: "Development of vessel phantoms for ultrasound methods"Benjamin will not only present his work on novel vessel phantoms but...[läs mer]


Tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd)  at 13:15 in E:1328, Alexander Olsson will present his Masters thesis: "sEMG classification with convolutional neural networks - A multi-label approach for prosthetic hand...[läs mer]


On Friday 19th Jan at 10.30 in the conference room E:1517A, Klara Björnander Rahimi will present her Master's Thesis: “Enrichment of microparticles in droplets using acoustophoresis” The supervisor is Anna Fornell.[läs mer]


On Thursday 18th January Alexander Warsi and Jessica Eriksson will present their Master's thesis titled:  "An experimental analysis regarding neural bases of hand synergies during reach-to-grasp movements" The...[läs mer]

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