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Microchip ecology on the radio


Temperature effects inside acoustic microfluidic resonator

The project will investigate temperature effects inside acoustic microfluidic resonators.[läs mer]


Atrial Fibrilation from an Engineering Perspective book cover

Atrial Fibrillation from an Engineering Perspective is a book just released by Springer in their Series of Bioengineering, with Leif Sörnmo as editor and main author and Frida Sandberg as one the coauthors. The...[läs mer]


On May 25th at 13:15, Emma Anzén will present her Master's thesis: "Video Analysis Supporting Stroke Assessment within the Prehospital Care" which has been done at Ortivus in Stockholm. The presentation will be held...[läs mer]


Frida Bengtsson will present her Master's thesis entitled:  "Prediction of fracture propagation in human femur using the finite element method" on 25/5, at 11:15 in E:1328. The supervisors are Lorenzo Grassi,...[läs mer]


On May 23 the research group for clinical protein science and imaging will host a symposium for the European Cancer Moonshot project. The symposium will be on the various aspects of cancer with a focus on the patients and will...[läs mer]

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