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Josefin Starkhammar med delfin på Kolmården.

Dolphins use echolocation to find fish, navigate, communicate and avoid obstacles in their habitats. They use this ability in both crystal clear water and in dark and murky water. Josefin Starkhammar has worked with dolphin...[läs mer]


On Friday 19 February Fredrik Ejserholm will nail his thesis: "Development of a polymer based neural probeHow to record intracortical neural activity while minimizing the tissue response." in the BME coffee room and...[läs mer]


Hamid Behjat will defend his licentiate thesis entitled ”Signal Processing on Graphs with focus on Multi-Resolutional Analysis of fMRI Data" on February 17 at ...[läs mer]


On Tuesday, February 9th at 14.45, Linnea Larsson will nail her PhD-thesis in the BME coffee room and also on the plank in the entrance hall of the E-building. [läs mer]


Professor Takeiho Kitamori, Tokyo University - Honorary Doctor at Lund University. On December 4, 2015, the Board of the Engineering Faculty at Lund University, LTH, decided to award Professor Takehiko Kitamori an Honorary...[läs mer]

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