Policy for the nomination of honorary doctors at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH)

An honorary doctorate from LTH is proof of great appreciation. The honour is awarded to people who, through their outstanding professional achievements within the faculty’s area of activities, have contributed to development and innovation. Honorary doctors at LTH are distinguished by

  1. Outstanding professional achievement
  2. A clear connection to LTH’s activities

Over time, the honorary doctors are to reflect the breadth of LTH’s activities and highlight its areas of expertise. The honorary doctors are to come from different parts of society. Through its awards of honorary doctorates, LTH aims to reinforce its image as a modern and professional higher education institution. The nominations are to be congruent with LTH’s values and driven by the societal challenges that the faculties attempt to meet through their activities.

The number of honorary doctors should not normally exceed 3 per year.

An honorary doctor at LTH is not to be employed by LTH, nor to have any legal influence over LTH or be an honorary doctor at another institute of technology or faculty of engineering in Sweden.

Proposals for honorary doctors are to be presented to the vice-chancellor by the dean of the Faculty of Engineering. The board of the Faculty of Engineering then takes a decision, normally during the month of December.

Proposals for honorary doctors are confidential until the decision has been taken and the person concerned has been informed.