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Supporting Learning through Digital Resources

Supporting Learning through Digital Resources is an elective course of the qualifying programme in teaching and learning in higher education at LTH. The course is intended for teaching staff who want to develop an understanding of how to use digital resources in their teaching to promote student learning.

The aim of the course is to provide ideas and support for lecturers in the use of digital resources that supports different forms of student learning. It is not to teach the use of particular technologies per se but to present some guiding principles of how digital resources might be used in practice. The project aim is to let the participants develop their own teaching in relation to the theme of this course.

Course instruction
The course is introduced by a multi-day workshop and concluded by a presentation/conference day. In between, participants plan and develop how to use digital resources in an aspect of their teaching, implement it in an ongoing course and present it in a project report. The work on the project is supervised and corresponds to about 2.5 weeks of full-time work. The course is given in English.

Participation on the workshop days is compulsory.

To be admitted to the course, participants must normally have a first-cycle degree. Furthermore, it is recommended that participants have completed a general course in teaching and learning in higher education or the equivalent.

The course corresponds to 3 weeks of full-time work.

Course leaders

Linda has many years of experience of supporting teachers at the Open  
University, which is a world leading distance education institution.  
She has a specific interest in how technology in many forms can be  
used for the support of quality in student learning.


Schedule 2013-2014

Tue Nov 19 2013, 9.00-16.30
Wed Nov 20 2013, 9.00-16.30
Thu Nov 21 2013, 9.00-16.30

Project Presentation:
Late Spring 2014


Information is given by the course leaders (see below)