Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Farm2Furan is a project at Lund University focused on developing a value chain for chemicals production as part of a future biorefinery based on surplus agricultural biomass streams in Sweden, i.e. wheat bran and –straw, oat hulls, beet sugar and -molasses. Target products are 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) as a versatile platform chemical for chemical- and fuel industries, and some of its derivatives for use as building blocks for plastics and –surface coating applications.

Farm2furan is a 5-year project (2016-2021) funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas through Bioeconomy programme and is co-funded in kind by the participating companies. 

The project involves a number of researchers with different competencies from 3 departments at Faculty of Engineering, and an industry group that represents an entire value chain from raw material production to chemical manufacturers and potential users of the new products.

Farm2Furan Partners

New doctor in Biotechnology

Mahmoud Sayed successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Microbial and enzymatic syntheses of polymer building blocks through selective transformations of polyols and furans".