Exchange studies within PhD education

Doctoral students from other universities may carry out research at LTH for a period of 3-12 months. The student must be formally admitted to doctoral studies at his or her home university, and will thus not formally be admitted to LTH. 

The student must obtain status as an exchange student at LTH by means of an exchange agreement between LTH and the student's home university. Exchange agreements are administrated by the International Office at LTH and the counterpart at the home university.

Students from EU (including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey)

The exchange agreement should be set up according to the procedures within EU:s Life-Long Learning Programme. Agreements are to be signed by the Assistant Dean for International Relations at LTH.

Students from other countries

The exchange agreement should be set up using a template agreement. The agreement is a four-party agreements and should be signed by the Dean of LTH, the relevant Head of Department at LTH, a representative of the home university as well as the student.

Contact the PhD administration at the International Office LTH for more information.

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