Documents needed for the registration

Documents to be attached in connection with the registration of public defense:

1. Thesis:

The dissertation document that needs to be uploaded in connection with the registration of the public defence is a preliminary version of the thesis and should contain a relatively detailed list of contents, including even incomplete parts. If it is a compilation dissertation, the thesis's kappa and articles must be in a document and included articles must be in at least manuscript form. The status of the articles must be reported; published, accepted, under review, under review or when it is expected to be completed. If significant parts of the dissertation are not completed, the doctoral student and the supervisor must declare that they find it reasonable that they will be finish on time.

2. Minutes of preparatory meeting

3. Information on the respondent's contribution to completed work (will also be included in the dissertation)

4. The Opponent's and the Examination Board Members' CV

5. Popular scientific summary in Swedish (or English) (should also be included in the dissertation)

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