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Salaries at Lund University

You'll find infomration regarding salaries on the university's central staff pages:

Salaries for PhD students at LTH

PhD students are normally given the standard starting salary set by LTH. In special circumstances a higher starting salary can be set, based on individual merit. Such circumstances are judged in line with the PhD agreement.

PhD students' salaries are increased incrementally as they complete each stage of their studies. Salaries are also increased by a standard amount that is the same for all PhD students, and is set as part of the yearly salary review process. PhD students do not, therefore, normally have individual salary review discussions.

The incremental salary increases at LTH are as follows:

  • 60 credits – 1100 SEK
  • 120 credits – 1100 SEK
  • 180 credits – 600 SEK
  • Degree achieved – 1500 SEK  (paid at the next month-end after decision is taken about the degree having been achieved)


On the university's central staff pages you'll find information regarding employee benefits, such as reimbursement for medical care and medicine and health promotion activities.

Speak to your manager or supervisor to find out what benefits apply to you.